OK, it looks like you are ready to get started on your behaviour change plan?  Great - you are in the right place. Namore will walk you through the steps, define key terms and prompt you for specific information about your specific problem to be addressed.  Let's get started. 

Namora | Step 1: Identify Scope

Identify Team  >  Problem Behaviour  >  Determine Scope

Identify Your Team

We know about the different levels of behaviour change from the SEM Theory video. By addressing multiple SEM levels in your plan, your behaviour change plan will be more likely to succeed. To ensure that a plan is well thought-out, think about who your team will be to support your behaviour change.

Addressing change at the interpersonal level? Then ask a person from your household or group of friends to be on your team.

Addressing change at the community level? Then ask several people who represent your community from gender, age, ethnic, language, or other demographic groups. 

Addressing change at the organisational level? You will also need team members from the organisation, stakeholders, maybe donors. 

ACTION ICON: Think about the different SEM levels you may want to address for your problem or change. Click on all the groups or people you want as part of your initial team. You can adjust this later.  

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