Are you a Behaviour Change Researcher?

Behaviour change interventions are made all the more effective when supported by an evidence-base to show what works and what doesn't in various contexts. Namora and Nadulpan are as effective as the existing evidence base allows us to be. 

Nadulpan provides easy access for practitioners to access and apply behaviour change research to their work. We also aim to provide a platform for behaviour change researchers to submit their research to be accessed, adapted and applied to help people across the SEM levels.   

If you are a Behaviour Change researcher, we invite you to submit your content at the link below. We will gather and curate articles submitted by researchers globally and share out with users, as well as advice on how to apply that content to your work. AND, your research will be included in Namora's evidence database to allow it to be part of the formula for developing more informed and appropriate interventions for behaviour change plans.  

As Nadulpan is a non-profit organisation, the research that you share will be open to all and made available free of charge.  Note that if you are published in a journal with paid access only, we do require that you send us a copy of the complete research for internal processing purposes only - we will only make available the information that is already publicly available or that we have permission to share. 

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