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We create real change by seeing the situation


Behaviour Change Made Easy


We gather all the research and resources on Behaviour Change and evidence-based theories


Fed them into our proprietary algorithm ‘Namora’, giving you a platform to input your specific data


Creating meaningful interventions for you to apply in your community in healthier ways

Research and Learning

to start your Behaviour Change journey and keep you on your path

Build your Behaviour Change knowledge with our videos, deep-dive into 3-5 hour courses on your knowledge, skills and practices and then test those skills in a scenario! Get monthly feeds and zoom calls from new authors on the latest research.

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Micro-learning Videos
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Deep-dive Courses into Behaviour Change Topics
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Learning Feed of  Experts &  Evidence
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Scenario Simulations
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Our Algorithm Namora

Our proprietary algorithm tool, Namora, will help you navigate the Behaviour Change process with ease.


Through a series of user-friendly prompts, your input will produce a list of evidence-based interventions that is built on the target audience's existing determinant(s) of behaviour, motivation and barriers to change. Namora helps you to identify specific activities that will empower your community and set them on a healthier and better-informed path.


Whether the change you seek is personal, for a family, a group of friends or an organization, Namora will guide you on your way.

Built on evidence-based behaviour change theories and methods

Simulator (reports and action follow-ups)

Motivation and reminder bot

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