Are You Building a Course to Sell Online?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to sell your own courses online. Maybe you’ve even taken a course or MasterClass that you thought was going to tell you how to build and sell online courses. You have the inspiration, the motivation and you did hours of research on the perfect platform. You're ready to go, right? 

    Maybe.    Maybe not.

Here’s a story from Barry, one of our clients..

I was highly motivated, thinking, “I can do this! I’m going to get my first online course up and sell it!”


I know I needed a website and smartphone app. I know a little about technology and started to look at all of the pre-built and build your own options available. The ones I looked at were priced between $25 and $500 per month.


Since I do know a little about tech, I decided to sign-up for the low-end to build my own at $59/month. Working full time I invested nights and weekends. First weeks, then months began rolling by. 




Out of frustration, I told myself that the all-in-one platform would be worth it. I paid $1900 for a year to get the annual discount. A HUGE investment. By purchasing this, I had all the tools ready to ship a course, but I had no course built!


I know my content and my pricey platform company told me 'all you need to do is plug it into the platform'. Their 28 day launch program ended up taking me almost 6 months. During this time I realized that while I knew my target audience, I wasn’t clear on exactly what courses I was going to develop. I had ideas, but wasn’t fully dialed in. Just plugging my content into their pre-built templates did not work.  


With so much time and money invested, I put together a course that I had an idea for, but didn’t really care that much about. Two months later, once it was up, I wasn’t proud of it so I didn’t want to sell it.


Depression kicked in and I did nothing for months. 15 months later I’d invested over $2300 and have nothing to show for it. 

Then I came across Nancy and If I had worked with Nancy on the front end I would have saved over $2300, and would have been selling my courses in about a month, instead of living in frustration for months and months.

Don’t learn the hard way like I did. If you don’t already have your course fully built out and proven with your target audience, don’t invest in a platform yet. A small investment with Nancy at may save you $1000’s and years of frustration.

Thanks Nancy!

What They Don't Tell You...

Developing an e-course that is well-structured, engaging and sell-able requires more than just paying that monthly hefty course platform fee and dumping content from your brain into blogs and videos. 

Being a master of your content is one thing. Putting your online course up for sale on a platform is another thing. The platforms are just the delivery mechanism, not the product.

But there is a missing link in the middle that is kept a secret.


What is it?


It is how to actually build a powerful online course that works for the people who buy it!

Learn how to develop a e-course  designed to sell

For a limited time only, you can join my Courses That Work pilot program. In this 6-week course you will learn how to turn your knowledge and ideas into a full course that is ready to sell. Not only that, but you will get expert feedback from me throughout the course!


I’m offering my complete course to a small group of people so I can put the final touches on it before rolling it out at full price. 


The full price of the course, with expert 1:1 feedback from me, is going to cost $499. 


The Courses That Work pilot is now open to only 10 people for only $49.97! Our next cohort begins on March 9th, 2021. 


10, 9, 8, 7 spaces left. 

Take this course before spending money on any course platform. It could save you thousands of dollars and years of frustration.  

Sign-up today! 

Our beta cohort begins 9 March, 2021. 
Ready to get started? 
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