Nadulpan aims to educate people on a variety of social issues in ways that come natural to us as human beings. One way to approach, for instance global health issues or prejudice reduction, with new audiences is through gamification and the safe space of 'The Magic Circle'. When applied to these sensitive topics, related to physical, mental and emotional well-being, we find that games are especially effective in getting people personally involved within their community.

Zika Prevention

This game uses Social-Cognitive Theory, allowing learners to identify determinants of behaviour that are also the very methods/ activities used to make the behaviour change happen.

Zika Game Mockup.jpg
Blood Donation Facts

This game uses Conscientization Theories by encouraging learners to work as a community to engage in critical reflection and dialogue to identify barriers to blood donation and address them.

Blood Game Mockup.jpg
Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy lifestyles are possible through long-term behaviour change and relies on a plan of action.  Through Attribution Theory and Relapse Prevention, the game is based on learners' knowledge and skill gained through the learning module to allow learners to understand what influences their behaviour and how that behaviour translates to health, rather than relying on luck or chance to stay healthy. 

NCD Game Mockup.jpg