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Your Behaviour Change Algorithm

This tool is a constant work in progress - on purpose. Just as the world is ever-changing and problems are ever-evolving and the research is constantly developing, this tool aims to help the learner to tailor solutions for their specific issues and contexts and aims to keep the research and interventions current.

Step 1.



In Step 1, Namora teaches learners how to:

  1. ensure that the learner has a team - big or small - to focus this important work and

  2. pinpoint one specific problem to be addressed by reviewing secondary data about the target. 


Learners identify the specific problem behaviour they want to change.

Step 2.




In Step 2, Namora:

  1. teaches learners how to pinpoint one specific goal behaviour and

  2. helps the learner identify the specific behaviour to be adopted or stopped.

Step 3.




In Step 3, Namora teaches learners how to conduct a barrier analysis of a specific person, household or group and walks learners through the steps.


This data collection is the engine behind what makes Namora purr. 

Step 4.



In Step 4, Namora teaches learners how the data from that barrier analysis draws our roadmap for change. 


Here, Namora shines brightest as she crunches all that data and identifies the most significant differences between the Doers of the behaviour and the Non-Doers of the behaviour. 

Step 5.




In Step 5, using that data and the analysis, Namora keeps working for you as she identifies specific tailored interventions, SEM levels, Behavioural Drivers and a suggested plan of action.


Learners receive instruction on how to verify and validate the plan of action with the change committee and then get guidance on how to start implementing 

Step 6.


Checking YOUR


Finally, Namora teaches learners how to monitor and make sure that the plan of action is working.


Namora tells you what to look for and what to do if you suspect something is stuck or not effective. |

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