Start Using Namora
How it Works

In each step of the process, you will learn the bare basics of what you need to know and be able to do. Namora guides you through this process with specific prompts for you and your team to answer. Type in the answers to all the prompts, hit Submit and voila!

In the end, Namora produces a PDF of tailored suggested interventions and an action plan to test and verify which responds to your specific target audience's barriers, motivations and problems.

This is Namora

Your Behaviour Change Algorithm

Namora is a tool that aims to help you to tailor solutions for problematic behaviours in 6 steps. Note that Namora is work in progress - on purpose, just as the world and the problems within it are ever-evolving and the research to effectively provide solutions is constantly developing.

Step 1.



Do you have a team - big or small?

Can you pinpoint one specific problem to be addressed? 

Let's identify the specific behaviour you want to stop.

Step 2.





Can you target one specific goal?

Let's identify the specific behaviour you want to adopt.

Step 3.




What motivates people to a certain behaviour? What are the differences between doers and non-doers?

Let's analyse what barriers stand in our way.

Step 4.

create road map


What lies at the root of the behaviour?

What determines good and bad behaviour?

Let's create a roadmap for change.

Step 5.




Are you ready to implement a plan of action with your roadmap of interventions?

Let's do it.

Step 6.




Is your plan of action working?

Is the goal behaviour manifesting?

(Optionally tweak your road map.)

What does Namora do for me?

​​Namora maps 32 evidence-based behaviour change theories and aligned interventions as defined within the Intervention Mapping protocols and includes the levels of the Social-Ecological Model, Level 1 of the Behavioural Drivers Model, tailored assessment data collection and barrier analysis tools. 

If that all sounds overwhelming, you are like many people who get nervous thinking about how to actually apply all that behaviour change information. Rest assured though, we only present you with the easiest parts - leave the rest to us.