Behaviour Change is King

At Nadulpan, everything we develop is based on the scientific base of behaviour change research. We develop frameworks, training curriculum, online courses, competency sets, health promotion materials, monitoring and evaluation frameworks that are infused with evidence-based strategies. Because if you don't base content on evidence, it's all just a wild guess, right?.

We are exceptionally excited about the soon-to-be-launched interactive website we developed for Finnish Red Cross for implementation throughout Africa. The site is focused on identifying and addressing harmful social norms along with a suite of barrier analysis tools and step-by-step guidance we have honed after testing in 27 different countries in different environments. The content focuses on addressing sexual and reproductive health topics, including gender-based violence, child and early forced marriage, family planning and FGM or cutting. A huge and loving hats-off to the amazing teams in Sierra Leone who worked with Finnish Red Cross in assessing needs in these areas with a behaviour change lens using innovative tools and approaches. And a HUGE thank you to the amazing commitment at Kenya Red Cross, Rwanda Red Cross, Zimbabwe Red Cross, Malawi Red Cross, Zambia Red Cross, Nigeria Red Cross, Ghana Red Cross, Uganda Red Cross

Our team is wrapping up the French version of all content now and in coordination with @IFRC, we aim to launch in mid-December 2021. It truly takes a village and what a village indeed. Watch this space for updates!

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