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Beyond 'just the facts'...

Nadulpan was hired this year by the World Health Organisation and UNICEF to develop a global training package for community-health workers. Their team has been working with IFRC to develop a guide for community-health volunteers which served the needs of volunteer-based organisations. But they quickly realised the need for a guide that was tailored to community health workers' skillsets, beliefs and needs with behaviour change as the lens to affect change. We pored over the many, many resources available on COVID from over 50 governments, INGOs, NGOs and health organisations and quickly was able to place all materials in very distinct buckets:

  • defining COVID-19 as an infectious disease,

  • transmission of COVID-19,

  • effects of COVID-19 on different age groups or people with underlying conditions,

  • symptoms of COVID-19,

  • prevention of COVID-19

  • treatment of COVID-19

  • all sorts of confusing information about COVID-19 vaccines

and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of posters and canned messages.

In talking with the team though, we quickly determined that we did not want to re-create this content. We needed to create a package that addresses the confusion, the beliefs and myths and rumours that may be present in a community by addressing the CHWs as community members and community influencers first and foremost. We needed to show them how to adjust their approaches in this ever-evolving pandemic, often in the absence of vaccines yet to arrive in-country. And it needed to be engaging - no ppts, please - just behaviour-based strategies for this piece. We'll be testing soon with CHWs - will keep you posted.

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