How to Manage Myths & Misinformation about the COVID-19 Vaccine

You have the ability to make a difference in people being open to receiving the vaccine - either in person or online: Research shows that corrections from users, experts, and social media algorithms can all be effective in reducing community misperceptions when responding to misinformation.

Here's the cool part - seeing someone else on social media being appropriately and respectfully corrected (known as observational corrections) can lead to more accurate attitudes on various topics by other readers. 'Conversely, not speaking out can lead to a “spiral of silence”, both for the person being corrected and for others observing the discussion, where a mute majority cedes a narrative to a vocal but misinformed minority.'

Don't want to be part of that spiral of silence? Great, join us in the vocal majority.

Below on the right is the formula for addressing any misinformation or myths. On the left is an example for this particular myth of someone saying that the vaccine is too new to be safe, that they will 'wait and see' before deciding. Ahh, let's see what that looks like when we apply the formula.

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