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So you think it's 'too difficult' to measure behaviour change....

We, at Nadulpan, think that behaviour change is based on science. As science is a study in tests and measures of what works and what doesn't, we have been testing innovative tools to measure existing situations, norms and beautiful change in vulnerable locations. We are currently supporting the testing of easy-to-access and easy-to-analyse behaviour change measurement instruments in low-resource environments in Africa in partnership with @FinnishRedCross, @University of Geneva and @SierraLeoneRedCross. Teams used our tools in 2020 to visit 9 remote villages and surveying 500+ community members on topics that included early and forced child marriage, gender-based violence, female genital mutilation, and family planning. The results were instrumental to field teams addressing these highly sensitive topics using data and measuring norms for tailored interventions.

The abstract on this work in Sierra Leone was accepted to Frontiers in Sociology's 2022 special issue on behaviour change in sexual and reproductive health. Will keep you posted.

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