Why should I care about Behavior Change?

Ahh, thanks for asking. Behavior change is the study of how and why people do the things they do and why people don't do the things that are in their best interests. Sometimes we are invited to review health promotion programs that program mangers tell us 'aren't working'. The activities may consist of beautifully presented health messages, advocacy activities in the field or discussions with target groups. But always, we also see that these 'not working' programs fail to take the principles of behaviour change into account during the planning of the project and definitely in actually doing the work. When we ask about this exclusion, we are told that 'behaviour change is too difficult for regular people to understand, much less to apply'.

Ahh, but we disagree. Just like any behavior change approach should be modified for each audience, so should we also teach to the people we aim to influence and whose behaviors we are actually trying to change about the basics of why understanding behavior change is critical to actual change. Here at Nadulpan, we are continually developing a series of microlearning videos to illustrate topics that experts often tell me are "too difficult". Take a look, feel free to share and by all means, ask questions as needed. Here's one to get you started

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