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Nancy is a teacher. And a public health expert. And an expert in the science of behaviour change. Oh, and she loves to write curriculum. Funny girl.  She loves to learn and to inspire that same spark of learning in others. Armed with five degrees in education, sociology, public health and leadership and 30 years of experience, she has served as a teacher, a developer of global competency sets and toolkits, a curriculum and toolkit developer/designer for assorted audiences and literacy levels, and a behaviour change expert in low-resource, response and complex situations in over 85 countries. She has worked with schools, communities, ministries, academia and NGOs and has authored numerous books on teaching, public health pedagogy and behaviour change. 

Nancy Claxton 

Marcel Claxton 

A Dutch/British communication and visual design specialist for 25 years, Marcel has shared his visual storytelling and graphic design skills with IFRC, Unicef, Mercy Corps, and KNCV designing and launching game toolkits and media assets in an effort to empower and educate communities worldwide in issues directly related to their health. Most recently this included information provision on Zika and HIV prevention, Healthy Ageing, reproductive health and TB Stigma. With an added background in User Experience design, Marcel embeds himself into organizational cultures, without losing a an ‘outsider point of view’ on how to tailor academic communication towards local communities. Marcel attends Games for Health and Climate and Health conferences and holds a bachelor‘s degree in Visual Communication and Computer Science.

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